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Solar panel

UE provides three technological pathways for solar panels. You can explore their advantages to choose the one that best fits your needs.

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PERCPassivated Emitter Rear Cell:

   - Cost-effectiveness: The PERC technology boasts mature manufacturing processes, akin to traditional solar cell production, resulting in lower manufacturing costs. This positions PERC as a cost-effective choice, particularly for large-scale solar projects.

   - Stability in Performance: Widely applied in commercial settings, PERC technology demonstrates stable performance, making it suitable for projects requiring long-term reliability.

   - Widespread Application: With its cost-effectiveness and stable performance, PERC technology has found extensive applications in both commercial and industrial sectors, making it especially suitable for large-scale solar ventures.


TOPConTunnel Oxide Passivated Contact:

   - High Conversion Efficiency: TOPCon cells consistently achieve high conversion efficiencies, making them ideal for projects with stringent requirements for energy output.

   - Low-Temperature Manufacturing: The manufacturing process involves lower temperatures, contributing to energy savings and environmental friendliness, making it suitable for environmentally conscious projects.

   - High-Temperature Stability: TOPCon cells exhibit stability in high-temperature environments, making them advantageous in regions with hot climates.

   - Extended Lifespan: TOPCon cells generally boast an extended lifespan, often surpassing 25 years.


HJTHetero junction Technology:

   - High Conversion Efficiency and Low Light Degradation: HJT technology typically achieves high conversion efficiency, excelling particularly in low-light conditions.

   - Adaptability to Temperature Changes: HJT cells remain stable in high-temperature environments, making them suitable for regions with challenging climates.

   - Suitability for Space-Limited Projects: Due to their high conversion efficiency and relatively small size, HJT cells are well-suited for space-limited projects such as rooftop installations.

  - Extended Lifespan: HJT cells commonly have an extended lifespan, often exceeding 30 years, ensuring sustained high conversion efficiency.

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For the past 14 years, United Energy has focused on the development and manufacture of solar energy systems.   All products meet EU and U.S. certifications and industry regulations, dedicated to making safer and more efficient Solar Energy Solutions.   50% +  of the sales engineer team are having 10+ years of experience , you can always rely on UE team since they have developed 5,000+ overseas Distributors and Installers from grounded up. Concentrating on cells, modules and solar power generation engineering, formed a relatively complete middle-stream and down-stream solar power industrial chain. Serves worldwide customers with high-quality products and professional services, qualified technical team more than 30 members focus on providing whole system solution include grid tie, off grid and Energy Storage System, obtained more than 100 patents. Quality is the company culture of United Energy, the QC team Guarantees all products will undergo 100% quality inspection, to provide customers, distributors, partners with reliable products and services. United Energy One Stop Solution team design and deliver complete and safe solar solution for residential and commercial applications globally, provide whole system solution, technology, and expertise to provide the optimal PV installation.   NO 1 in customer service, with United Energy we believe in solar for everyone, not only make solar easy, but also reliable and affordable.  
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